Pablo Zabaleta came to City from Espanyol in the summer of 2008 and made his debut against Chelsea. He mainly played right back and has given City 110% over the past 9 seasons. He has played in 230 Premier League games and well over 300 in all matches. He has played for Argentina 58 times and is likely to join West Ham United. He won all of the major honors in the Uk - the FA Cup , Premier League (twice) and the Football League Cup (twice). I understand he is donating his entire final match fee to victims of the Manchester terror attack.
debut - City 1 Chelsea 3 Sept 2008
A sight we often saw - Zabaleta taking the ball down the right wing
Zaba kicks clear
Zabaleta blocks an effort by Anelka - he rings a bell too!
Oh dear Frank Lampard is about to score - well he did notch a few for us later!
Cole takes cover as Zaba crosses
Up go the heads
a late tackle on Drogba
Zaba beats Cole
2008-2009 season
City 6 Portsmouth 0
Zaba is about to cross
Zabaleta tackles Traore
Zaba clears off the line
Hart has to punch clear
City 3 Twente 2
Zabaleta forces a corner early in the second half
Oh dear was that a foul as Zaba goes down!
City 3 Arsenal 0
Zaba has to deal with Nasri - remember him!
City 0 Paris SG 0
A Zabaleta shot is deflected for a corner
That's what I call close marking - on Kezman!
City 5 Hull 1
A cross evades everybody
A famous moment when manager Phil Brown brought his players back on the pitch at half time to berate his players!
City 1 Wigan 0
Zaba watches Kompany head clear
Zaba scores the only goal with a great shot
He celebrates the birthday present - he was 24 the previous day
City 2 FC Copenhagen 1
Zabaleta has a deflected shot saved
Zaba clears in defence
City 2 Fulham 1 Cup
Zabaleta heads clear a rare Fulham attack
Zabaleta shoots wide in extra time
City 3 Burnley 3
Zaba beats Blake to the ball
Zabaleta clears a Burnley corner
City 2 United 1 Cup
A tackle by Zabaleta ends in a confrontation between Zaba and Jordan
Zaba keeps an eye on Rooney
Zaba chases Evra
City 0 Liverpool 0
Mancini wonders why he did not get a Xmas Card
Given punches clear
City 3 Aston Villa 1
a centre by Young causes a problem
Zaba shoots wide of the goal
season 2010-2011
City 1 Chelsea 0
Cech is about to save a shot from Zaba
Zaba goes in to tackle
Zaba tackles Drogba
Ivanovic brings down Zabaleta
City 3 Poznan 1
The original famous Poznan crowd effect which City took on
Zaba makes a good late tackle
City 0 United 0
Zabaleta blocks Nani
Zaba shoots wide
City 3 Salzburg 0
Zaba makes a late tackle
Zaba has to contend with the snow and sub Alan who got lots of humorous stick from the City fans
City 1 Bolton 0
Zaba blocks a shot from Martin Petrov -remember him!
This time it's Zaba's shot is blocked
Man City 1 Everton 2
Zaba clashes with Cahill and has to go off injured
He comes back on complete with bandage
Zaba crosses
Oh dear he's off again for a new bandage!
Anichebe gets a second yellow and a red for a foul on Zaba
A new shirt and bandage for Zabaleta
City 4 Wolves 3
In the 65th minutes a chip by Zaba finds the head of Tevez who scores to make it 4-1
City 4 Leicester 2 cup replay
Zaba takes the ball to the goal line and via a blocked shot by Silva Patrick Viera has an open goal
City 1 United 0 Wembley
Hart saves from Nani
City celebrate Toure's goal
Scholes goes in high on Zabaleta and gets sent off and Zaba has to have treatment
City 2 West Ham 1
Zabaleta shoots past Green to give City a two goal lead
Zaba celebrates and the City fans go into Poznan Mode!
City 1 Stoke 0 Wembley Final
Despite the last minute Stoke attack City went on to win the Cup thanks to a Toure goal and Zaba has his pic taken with the Cup after the game
2011-2012 season
City 1 Napoli 1
Zaba on the attack - as usual!
Zaba blocks an attack - as usual!
City 2 Bolton 0
In a rare Bolton attack Zabaleta was injured and had to be subbed
City 2 Chelsea 1
A Zaba cross fails to get us a goal
Mata tries to stop the cross from Zabaleta
City 1 United 0
Zaba about to put United under pressure
Aguero and Zabaleta have a go at the same time!
Zaba heads clear
Hart is kept busy
Zabaleta had a great game both in defence and attack
City 3 QPR 2
On 38 minutes Zabaleta got the ball from Toure and shot for goal......
...the ball hit the bar but luckily the ball hit Kenny and went in for the first vital goal for City
The last minutes winning goal by Aguero gave City the Premiership Championship and celebrations all round
2012-2013 season
City 2 Ajax 2
A cross by Zabaleta fails to lead to a goal
Vermeer saves a header by Zaba
City 1 Borussia D 1
Zaba practices ballet moves with Hummels!
Lewandowski almost catches Zabaleta
City 2 Fulham 0
Zabaleta and Milner take care of Berbatov
Zaba is hurt winning a corner but he plays on - of course!
City 3 Stoke 0
City 2 Spurs 1
An explosive moment between Zaba and Adebayor
Adebayor fouls Zabaleta
City 2 United 3
Just before half time Zabaleta scores following a Dzeko effort
With only a few minutes to go following a corner Zabaleta scored to make it two all......
..and Zaba urged the crowd for even more support
City 2 West Ham 1
Zabaleta clears the danger
Is this a new dance routine!
2013-2014 season
City 4 Newcastle U 0
Early in the game Taylor brought down Zabaleta but no penalty given!
City 4 United 1
Young makes a back for Zaba
Zaba keeps an eye on Welbeck
City 3 Everton 1
Gosh who is this City player that 5 Everton players have to mark - of course it's Zaba!
and guess who went off for treatment - yes Zaba!
City 6 Spurs 0
Zaba on the attack
Zabaleta clears from Adebayor
City 6 Arsenal 3
On 38 minutes the ball goes out to Zabaleta and he crosses to Negredo.......
....and hey presto the ball is in the net and City score
City 4 Cardiff 2
Zabaleta defends
Zabaleta attacks
City 2 Chelsea 0 Cup
Zabaleta helps out Pantilimon
Zaba blocks
City 3 Sunderland 1 Final Wembley
Zabaleta battles for the ball
On 55 minutes the moment to remember - Zaba's pass to Yaya Toure who shot past the keeper from 30 yards
City 2 Sunderland 2
Borini fouls Zaba
Zabaleta and Alonso get injured
City 4 Aston Villa 0
on 65 minutes another Zaba cross reaches Dzeko who scores from close range
Another cross from Zabaleta ends with Dzeko scoring again
City 2 West Ham 0
One minute Zaba (top right) is suffering a Silva miss - the next he is celebrating a Nasri goal
celebrating another Premier League Championship win
2014-2015 season
City 3 Liverpool 1
Zabaleta shoots over the bar
4 try to stop Zaba!
City 1 Chelsea 1
Neither Zaba cross produced a goal
Zabaleta got a second yellow for a clash with Costa and ended with a red card
City 1 Roma 1
Zaba gets a card for fouling the elderly - Totti!
Zabaleta clears the danger
City 1 United 0
Zaba battles with Rooney
Zabaleta shoots over the bar - a good chance
City 3 Crystal Palace 0
Just before half time Zabaleta chips the ball over the keeper but alas it goes over the bar
on 48 minutes Zaba this time passes to Silva and the ball ends up in the net for a City goal
City 2 Burnley 2
Once again Zaba gets involved and ends up with a bandage on his head!
City 3 Sunderland 2
yet another bandage for Zaba
Zabaleta goes in to tackle Jones but gives away a penalty
City 6 QPR 0
Zabaleta heads away a dangerous cross
Zaba has a close encounter with Joey Barton!
2015-2016 season
City 5 Bournemouth 1
Zabaleta hits the side netting with this effort
a cross by Zaba is diverted by Distin but Sterling scores
City 5 Crystal Palace 1 league Cup
After 15 minutes Zabaleta and Bolasie clash and go down with head injuries
In the second half Zaba is down again this time with a knee injury and had to be carried off
City 1 Spurs 2
Zaba tackles Kane
Zaba protests as the ref gives a penalty for a hand ball by Sterling
City 2 West Brom 1
The City wall block a free kick
McLean appeals for a handball against Zabaleta
2016-2017 season
City 3 West Ham 1
Zaba gets instructions from Pep
City defend a West Ham corner
City 4 Borussia M 0
Zabaleta goes in to block
Zaba shoots over the bar
City 3 Barcelona 1
Zabaleta clears from Messi
Zaba explains to the ref about the secret sniper!
City 1 Celtic 1
Zaba helps out the referee
Zabaleta wins the tackle
City 2 Watford 0
Zabaleta gets a pass from De Bruyne and scores past Gomes to give City the lead
City 2 Spurs 2
Zabaleta shoots wide
Zaba is brought down by Wimmer
From a corner Zaba shoots just wide
Spurs manage to clear
City 5 Huddesfield 1 Cup
Aguero presents Zaba with a chance and Zabaleta shoots into the net to make it three one for City
City 3 West Brom 1
Zaba's last game for City
On 62 minutes Zabaleta comes on for Silva
Zaba makes his last pass just before the final whistle
Zabaleta says farewell to Kevin De Bruyne
Zaba has a TV interview near the tunnel
Zabaleta waits in the tunnel with his wife and son
Zabaleta talks to the crowd and gets his farewell gifts
Zaba has a lift-off!
Zabaleta says farewell to the South Stand
Our final images of one of City's 110% favorite players - we will miss him
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