This was taken at the end of the Cup Final win against Leicester in 1969 and you can see Harry Dowd admiring the cup with Malcolm Allison in the centre of the picture


Later Malcolm Allison, City's greatest coach, celebrates in the centre of Manchester with Joe Mercer and Tommy Booth also in the picture
Tony Book scoring and then celebrating in a match against Stoke City in Sept 1970 City winning 4-1
From time to time I'll include some of the pictures I've shot at Maine Road over the years. I've lost details of many of them, including the `what might have been ` pic above, so its a case of guess who and when ! Though I'm pretty certain the game is City v Bristol City in the late 70's - 2-0 May 1979
City players are Hartford , Silkman and Power
The above sequence of 8 shots were taken on a Robot Royal at the Manchester City v Manchester United at Old Trafford on Feb 6th 1960. Bert Trautmann is saving from Warren Bradley. With Bradley is Cliff Sear who died recently.
The sequence is unusual as motor drives had not yet been introduced into the UK and the Robot Royal was the only camera capable of doing sequences (8 half frames per second.). In those days supporters were not segregated and I was in the Stretford end ! The result- a boring nil nil draw
A couple of pictures - the only ones I could find - of the famous 'ballet on ice' that took place on Dec 9th 1967 at Maine Road.
Spurs were the visitors and City won 4-1 with goals from Bell, Summerbee, Young and Coleman. The picture on the left shows Mike Doyle heading clear. No 6 is Alan Oakes and number 5 George Heslop. Lee is in the distance -centre.

The first goal was scored by Jimmy Greaves -seen on the left scoring past Mulhearn. Next to Heslop in the centre of the picture is Gilzean. I think that may be Venables behind Greaves.

Conditions were pretty bad and full marks to the groundsman and his staff and the referee Mr D W Smith for getting the game get underway. As far as I can remember I think it started to snow later in the game. I will have to search for more pictures

Both these images are in the Gary James book- Farewell to Maine Rod


Teams City:: Mulhearn: Book Pardoe: Doyle, Heslop, Oakes: Lee, Bell, Summerbee, Young and Coleman
Spurs - Jennings: Kinnear, Knowles: Mullery, Hoy, Mackay : Saul, Greaves, Gilzean, Venables and Jones:
City v Spurs 4-1 Dec 9 1967
West Ham United v City 6-1 May 18th 1963
Not the best of memories this game.It was the last game of the season and for once I was in the main stand courtesy of a ticket from left back Cliff Sear who I knew. City were relegated and subjected to a severe beating. In the picture above City centre forward Harley is heading for goal.

The picture on the left shows Hurst - number 10 scoring one of the West Ham goals.
City number 10 is Hayes. Bill Lievers is in the centre hands on hips and City number 2 is Kennedy.
After this game long serving City manager Les McDowall was sacked and replaced by his assistant George Poyser .
The City team was-

Dowd: Kennedy, Sear: Oakes Lievers,Gray: Young, Dobing, Harley, Hayes, Wagstaffe.

City v Spurs 0-1 May 1st 1971
The North Stand not yet quite completed. It used to be known as the scoreboard end. In those days the kids used to be able to sit on the bars or the shoulders of dads !
A section of the North Stand. Note no City blue shirts in those days .It used to be tough standing up for an hour or so and when the ground was really full it was hard luck if you got there early to get behind one of the terrace bars and then some 6 foot odd bloke stood infront of you.
Pat Jennings is punching clear from a City corner. Player going up with Jennings is Heslop.
City players from the left are Young, Hill, Mellor, Bowyer and Heslop.

City players here are Tony Book - number 2 , Lee and Bowyer and Neil Young in the background.
Lee and Bowyer on attack for City
The sequence below of a free kick and City scoring, is from a 1-3 loss against Ipswich in April 74. It's Dennis Tueart celebrating at the end. That's Mike Summerbee heading on the free kick with Donachie and Carrodus in the background
Supporters in Didsbury patiently waiting for the bus to come down Wilmslow Road. Where are they now I wonder?

Colin Bell enjoying the moment

Neil Young scorer of the winning goal with the cup
The End of an Era
Colin Bell and Alan Oakes with the Cup as it comes into the centre of Manchester
Mike Summerbee and Malcolm Allison are at the end of the bus. Tony Book is pointing upwards.
Finally that great Joe Mercer smile and a raised hat to the crowd. Tommy Booth is to the left of Joe. Harry Dowd to Joe's right.
The old open terrace at the scoreboard end at Maine Road
The Kippax under construction
Mike Summerbee dashing past the Stoke City fullback
Another City attack at the old North Stand end
Neil Young scores past Gordon Banks and then celebrates.
More pressure on the Stoke City goal from Summerbee, Bell, Lee and Young.
. Check out those hair cuts.
left to right City players - Reeves, Caton and Henry
The two keepers punching clear- Joe Corrigan for City
Joe Corrigan saving at the old score board end. Tony Book and Glyn Pardoe guarding the goal.
Paul Power taking a corner against Everton. You will find a larger version in Gary James's ' History of Maine Road'
Cup Final 1969 City v Leicester
I have just found these long lost colour images from the 69 Cup Final Day. Perhaps you may recognized yourself in the crowd.

For this final against Leicester, City played in red and black hence the red rosettes. I also noticed that he was selling the United Review . I doubt whether he made many sales of that!



A view back towards the main road from Wembley. A mass of humanity . You don't see the religious placards today as you did in those days - 'the wicked shall be cut off '.

The two teams come out for the presentation . I think it was Princess Ann that year. Thank goodness she did not let the dogs lose on the players!

Colin Bell and Alan Oakes hold the Cup. In the background Mike Doyle and Mike Summerbee are being interviewed.

Malcolm Allison's turn to have the cup and his beaming smile says it all.

The glum ones are the Leicester fans after the match making their way back to the tube station.

The triumphant return to Manchester with the trophy. I think that is Mr Alexander the Chairman sitting on the left on top of the bus. Colin Ball and Alan Oakes with the Cup

Colin Bell with the F.A.Cup with Francis Lee to his right. Harry Dowd, Glyn Pardoe Alan Oakes and Mike Doyle are close by.

More images from the past
Neil Young skipping past a defender
Lee shoots for goal
Ray Ranson dashes down the wing
City v Brighton 1-1 March 1981
Paul Power in action
Reeves watches the keeper save
City v Bristol City May 1979 2-0
heading duel
Asa Hartford shoots. Notice Gerry Gow (then of Bristol City) in the background
City v Stoke City 4-1 Sept 1970
Gary Buckley goes in a for tackle
Doyle, Donachie and Tommy Booth rush back to defend
Alan Oakes clears
Tommy Both heads clear with Bell watching
City on the attack
City v Everton 3-1 April 1981
FA Charity Shield v Burnley 0-1 August 1973 att 23,988
Tommy Booth in heading duel, Bennett and Tueart watching. Notice Gary Megson, 2nd from right
City attack is foiled by the Everton keeper
MacKenzie shoots for goal
City v Norwich 4-0 Sept 1977
Mick Channon gets to the goal line and cuts the ball back for.......
.........Asa Hartford to score
Peter Barnes in action
Here is the coach with the City players
Tony Book, Joe Mercer and Dave Ewing enjoying the ride
The Leicester goal under pressure
Neil Young shoots for goal
A Summerbee cross is crashed into the Leicester net by Young past Shilton for the winning goal and City players celebrate
Shilton saves watched by Lee and Bell
City players appeal for offside.
The open top bus on its way from Wilmslow comes through Didsbury Village
One of City's greatest fan Helen Turner who recently passed away. She was 85 and used to ring a bell at Maine Road.
I believe the pic above shows her (centre) waiting for the winning Cup Final City side in 1969. I took the picture in Albert Square.
Young Cardiff City supporters watching John Toshack play against Blackburn Rovers at Ninian Park in the early 70's
City supporters hail a goal against Spurs in the 80's
A more subdued response in the 70's
Note the kids sitting on the barriers back in the old days.
City supporters at the 69 Cup final
Trouble among supporters at a 'derby' game against United
Mixture of hats at the 69 Final
Joe Corrigan punches clear
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Manchester City v Chelsea 1-1 Sept 11th 1954 att. 36,000
I've just found some old negs - well over 50 years old - some of my earliest soccer pics
Teams for that game at Maine Road
Trautmann,Meadows, Little, Barnes, Ewing, Paul, Fagan, McAdams, Revie, Hart, Clark
Robertson, Harris, Willemse, Armstrong, Greenwood, Saunders, Parsons, McNichol, Bentley, Stubbs, Lewis

Robertson is alert as City attack
Robertson about to save from Johnny Hart
Note the linesman's position at a corner
Trautmann saves
Bentley scores for Chelsea. Roy Paul had scored for City
I think my high point was the at the end of the previous season when City went to Newcastle and won 4-3 to win the First Division Championship. There were 46,000 there of which at least 30,000 were City supporters. The blue and white army that dominated the A1 to Newcastle had plenty to shout about with this fine win. It was available on video - Soccer Classics from Vertex Film Labs - the transfer from the original film is not the best in the world but a fine reminder of that wonderful day.

I was taken to Maine Road by a friends father at a very tender age and as it was shortly after the war there were no programmes but I did make a note of the teams and Blackpool`s forward line was pretty strong-

Matthews -- Dix -- Dodds -- Finan -- Burbank

In those days there were plenty of guest players - Matthews (Stoke City) Dix (Spurs) Burbank (Sunderland) Powell (Leeds) and Savage (QPR) played for Blackpool and the City team was as follows
Swift, Clarke, Barkas, McDowell, Eastwood, Walsh, King (Wolves), Herd, Currie (Bolton), Williamson (Rangers), and Bellis(Port Vale).
It ended in a 1-1 draw

Though at the start I also watched Man United who at the time shared Maine Road with City as their ground had been bombed during the war, my heart was with the sky blues. I continued to watch City one week and United the next until United started to go downhill after the Charlton, Best, Law era. Crowds in those days rarely dipped below 50,000 and I watched a couple of games when the attendance at Maine Road went over the 70,000 mark. I say watched when actually I was lucky to see any play at all in the scrum of the open Kippax. Ah those were the days!
During my time in Hong Kong I also started to write for the Hong Kong Tiger Standard so on my return to the UK I was able to cover many big games in the North and at Wembley with my press pass and I remember sitting in City`s press box next but one to Frank Swift only a few months before the Munich Air Disaster when he died with other press colleagues and United players. A change from my viewpoint from first standing in the Kippax, then in the front row of the upper Kippax and now in the third level of COMS.

Now got a publisher for the book on Maine Road.
It's now available from Amazon -click on image for link.
Also available in the City stores
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Preston 1 Man City 1 at Deepdale April 3rd 1961
Trautmann, Betts, Sear, Cheetham, Ewing, Oakes, Sambrook, Hayes, Baker, Hart, Hannah - Baker scored for City
Else, Cunningham, O'Neill, Wylie, Singleton, O'Farrell, Mayers, Fullam, Altson, Sneddon, Thompson - Wylie scored for PNE McCabe was referee

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