England v Australia 4th Test 1961 Flavell bowling to O'Neill
Denis Compton
George Headley signs
I discovered some old negatives taken at Didsbury Cricket Club in the late 40's and early 50's when there were friendly games on a Test Match Sunday at old Trafford. The game involved the Cricket Writers eleven and players not playing in the Test.
Brian Johnson - top right- watches the game
an older Brian Johnson with David Lloyd in the test Match Special box at Old Trafford 1992
Images shot via film over the past umpteen years
Lancs v Leicestershire and Sussex
Lancs v Hampshire, Glamorgan and Middlesex
Lancs v Yorks C and G 1/4 final
England v West Indies
Lancs v Gloucestershire
Lancs v Glamorgan 2005
Lancs v Notts 2005
Lancs v Essex 2005
Lancs v Derbyshire 2005
Lancs v Hampshire 2005
Lancs v Durham 2005
Lancs v Sussex 2005
Lancs v Derbyshire 2005
England v Australia 2005
Lancs v Yorkshire 2005
Lancs v Leicestershire 2006
Lancs v Kent 2006
Lancs v Durham 2006
Lancs v Notts 2006
Lancs v Notts C&G 2006
Lancs v Derbyshire C & G 2006
England v Pakistan 2nd test day3 2006
Lancs v Yorkshire 2006
Lancs v Warwickshire May 2007
Lancs v Yorkshire May 2007
England v West Indies 2007
Lancs v Hampshire August 2007
Lancs v Warwickshire Sept 2007
Lancs v Somerset April 2008
Lancs Lightning v
Scottish Saltires May 2008
Lancs v Durham May 2008
Lancashire Lightning v Yorkshire Carnegie 2008
England v New Zealand
2nd test day 1 May 2008
Lancs v Notts D1 June 2008
Lancs v Notts D 3 June 2008
Lancs v Hants Day 1 July 2008
Lancs v Notts Day 1 April 2009
Lancs v Northants May 2009
Lancs v Essex May 2009
Lancs v Worcestershire July 2009
Lancs v Yorkshire August 2009
Lancs v Durham August 2009
England v Australia 20-20 August 2009
Lancs v Warwickshire Sept 2009
Lancs v Warwickshire April 2010
Lancs v Kent May 2010
Lancs Lightning v Somerset Sabres May 2010
Lancs Lightning v Surrey Lions May 2010
England v Australia NatWest June 2010
England v Bangldesh June 2010
Lancashire v Unicorns July 2010
England v Sri Lanka 5th one day test
July 2011
Lancashire v Unicorns April 2011
Lancashire v Essex 40 over August 2011
England v Australia one day test
July 2012
Lancashire v Glamorgan July 2013
England v Australia 2nd Test August 2013
England v Australia One Day Test Sept 2013
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England v Sri Lanka one day test
May 2014
England v India day2 August 2014
England v Australia one day Old Trafford
Old Cricket
Lancashire v Warwickshire one day June 2016
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England v Pakistan day2 July 2016
England v South Africa Day 1 August 2017
England v West Indies one day Sept 2017
England v Australia one day June 2018
England v Afghanistan one day June 2019
Australia v South Africa one day July 2019
England v Australia day 1 Sept 2019