1045mm 1/180 5.6 iso100 auto
100% crop from image on left
100% crop from image on left
1200mm 1/125 f5.6 160iso auto orig macro raw file
100% crop from image on left
One problem with the EXIF info with Fuji images is that the focal length given is not translated into equiv 35mm focal lengths like many other cameras. So I had to get out my old slide rule ( only joking) before using my phone calculator!
Certainly not my first bridge camera but a few of its features tempted me into having it as a plan B or C alongside my Nex7 and Nikon d300. First of all its weather resistant and then it has a 50x zoom lens. The equivalent of 24mm to 1200mm - as you will see the image stabilization allows one to use the 1200mm focal length at much slower shutter speeds than expected. A useful but limited feature is the interval shooting possibility. You are limited to 15, 30 and 60 sec intervals and shooting durations from 5 mins to 2 hours. It also has high def video at 60fps and unlike many other similar cameras has slo-mo video albeit at 480fps a small size of 240 x180 .At 120fps you get 640 x 480 which is a lot better. ISO goes from 100 to 12800 but as expected the results at the higher iso's are a bit grotty! You are limited to F11 as the smallest aperture and 1/2000 as the fastest shutter speed. The widest aperture is f2.8 at 24mm and f5.6 at 1200mm. You also have various continuous shooting modes. Some early pics below
24mm 1/400 f5 iso200 auto programmed
1200mm 1/500 f5.6 iso200 auto programmed
24mm 1/1500 f11 iso100 auto programmed
100% crop from image on left
24mm 1/450 f4.5 iso200 auto programmed
100% crop from image on left
1200mm 1/750 f6.4 iso200 auto programmed
100% from image on left
the auto shooting mode did not over expose the dark areas
1045mm 1/680 f7 iso200 auto
100% crop from images on left
35mm 1/420 f4.5 iso200 auto
100% crop from image on left
24mm 1/60 f10 iso 200
24mm 1/60 f4 iso 200
composite in PS of the two above wide angle images
composite in PS of the two above wide angle images
24mm pan 1/950 f4.5 iso100 orig size 7680x1080
337mm 1/60 f5 iso100 hdr shooting mode
233mm 1/240 f4.9 iso200 auto
270mm 1/400 f5 iso200 auto
270mm 1/250 f5 iso200 auto 1 of seq
24mm 1/680 f4.5 iso200 auto
24mm 1/2000 f11 iso200 auto
836mm 1/340 f5.6 iso125 auto
24mm 1/5 f2.8 iso1600 auto macro
105mm 1/600 f5.3 iso100 auto
421mm 1/50 f5.2 iso100 auto part of seq
1200mm 1/800 f9 iso200 auto macro
30mm 1/300 f4 iso200 auto macro
24mm 1/2000 f7 iso200 auto macro
337mm 1/400 f7 iso200 auto
1200mm 1/550 f5.6 iso400 auto macro
425mm 1/640 f11 iso400 auto macro
1200mm 1/550 f5.6 iso100 auto
1200mm 1/480 f5.6 iso100 auto
28mm 1/200 f3.5 iso100 auto
100% crop from image on left
1200mm 1/125 f5.6 iso125 auto macro
610mm 1/75 f5.4 iso100 auto macro
1200mm 1/170 f5.6 iso400 auto cropped
1040mm 1/125 ff5.6 iso200 auto
1125mm 1/500 f5.6 iso100 auto macro
1200mm 1/500 f5.6 iso320 auto
963mm 1/90 f5.6 iso 200 auto macro
100% crop from image on left
100% crop from image on left
1200mm 1//125 f5.6 iso125 auto macro
1125mm 1/125 f5.6 iso125 auto cropped
100% crop from original of left image
more images from the Manchester City West Ham game can be see HERE and HERE
Capitol One Cup Final Wembley - Man City v Sunderland
Sandbach Transport Festival
Sony Nex 7
Have I got views for you
1200mm 1/125 f5.6 160iso auto orig macro raw file
Nikon D70
Nikon D200
Nikon D300
Nikon P500
Casio F1
125mm 1/60 f4.4 iso1250 auto
142mm 1/60 4.5 iso1250 auto
392mm 1/250 f5.2 iso100 auto
188mm 1/500 f5 iso100 auto
More images from the Sandbach Transport Festival 2014 here -
Coverage of the 3rd Royal London One-Day International between England and Sri Lanka at Old Trafford can be found HERE
England v Sri Lanka
Tatton Park RHS Show 2014
Nature Plus
Man City 0 Arsenal 3 Charity Shield
Sony A6000
Below are a few hand held images from a visit to Chester Zoo.
My main camera that day was the Sony A6000 - images HERE
963mm 1/30 f5.6 1600 iso
1200mm 1/500 f5.6 640 iso
200mm 1/210 f4.8 1600 iso
722mm 1/200 f5.6 100iso 75% cropped
1200mm 1/500 f5.6 250 iso
1120mm 1/450 f5.6 125 iso cropped
963mm 1/90 f5.6 1250 iso cropped
1200mm 1/125 f5.6 1250 iso
1200mm 1/125 f5.6 400 iso
1200mm 1/160 f5.6 500 iso
Slo-mo of Jaguar attacking his lunch!

Man City 1 Liverpool 1 Capital One Cup Final
Wembley Feb 2016

Man City 1 Arsenal 2 FA Cup Semi-Final