Australia v South Africa
ICC World Cup Old Trafford July 2019
A good days play with South Africa just beating Australia by ten runs and England will now play Australia in the Semi-Final. Not as many six's as the last game but plenty of action. All pics taken with the Sony A6400 and the 18-135 lens.
Most images were taken at the 135mm focal length and heavily cropped from 50% to 100 %. Exposures varied with shutter speeds 1/640 and 1/800 and apertures f5.6 to f8 at 200 iso or 400 iso later when the floodlights came on.
The captains are out for the toss
This is what they are playing for - 200% crop
Having a chat to his phone as the Australians come out to field
Markram hits Behrendorff for 4 - SA 21 for 0
de Kock drives Starc for three runs
Markram cuts Behrendorff for 4
de Kock hits the boundary off Starc
Markram drives Lyon for 4
The drones back - 325% crop
de Kock drives Cummins for 4
Markram hits Lyon for 6
The Aussie fans did not like that!!.
de Kock hits Cummins for 4
Markram is out stumped by Carey off Lyon for 34 with the score at 79
de Kock hits Starc for 2 fours and brings up the 100
de Kock gets his 50 with a 4 off Smith. He hit 7 4's
de Kock drives Lyon........
.......but is caught in the deep by Starc (200% crop) for 52 with the score at 114 for 2
du Plessis miss-hits
du Plessis drives Lyon for 4
Dussen should have been stumped by Carey
Dussen pulls Stoinis for 4
du Plessis drives Starc for 4
du Plessis reaches 50 off 54 balls with the score 172 for 2
Good protection from a six but not on sale at John Lewis!
du Plessis pulls for a boundary but Behrendorff manages to keep it to just 2 runs
du Plessis hits two 6.s off Cummins and Lyon
Dussen hits a 4 off Lyon
Just in!
du Plessis reaches 100 off 93 balls and the South African fans celebrate
du Plessis is out caught by Starc on the boundary off the bowling of Behrendorff for 100 - 265 for 3
Dussen hits Maxwell for 6
Duminy hits out at Starc.......
...but is caught by Stoinis and replays show it was a fair catch. He made 14 and the score 295 for 4
He's pointing it in the wrong direction!
Dussen thumps a six off Cummins
The fans in the stand and the South African supporters in front of me liked that!
Pretorius is bowled by Starc for 2 - 317 for 5
Dussen is caught by Maxwell off Cummins for 95 to end the South African innings on 325 for off 50 overs
Even more chances of being hit by a ball at the interval!
Finch has an early escape
a few balls later Tahir celebrates as Finch is caught by Markram for just 3 with the score at 5 for 1
Khawaja hits 4 off Tahir then shortly afterwards has to go off injured
Smith is nearly run out
Warner hits Rabada for 6
Smith pulls Pretorius for 4
Smith is out lbw to Pretorius for 7 - 33 for 2
A tune in celebration - 180% crop
Warner pulls Rabada for 4
This time it's Warner who has the problem
The crowd enjoy themselves during the break
Stoinis drives a 4 off Rabada
Warner drives Morris for 4
Stoinis hits a 4 off Pretorius
Warner drives Pretorius for 4
Warner reaches his 50 off 58 balls
Stoinis pulls Morris to the boundary
Warner pulls Tahir for 4
Has Stoinis made it......
Replays showed he was just out for 22 - 95 for 3
Warner pulls Phehlukwayo for 4
more spray for Warner - 125% crop
Maxwell is caught by Kock off Rabada for 12 with the score at 119 for 4
Carey hits Rabada for 4
A rare pic - Carey blocks!
Warner skies and it's a chase for the fielder
. Warner hits Duminy for 4
Carey hits Shamsi for 4
Warner gets his 100 off 100 balls
Carey reaches 50 off 47 balls
Warner is out caught by Morris off Pretorius for 122 with the score at 227 for 5
Carey drives Tahir for 6
Carey cuts Shamsi for 4
Cummins is out caught by Duminy off Phehlukwayo for 9 - 272 for 6
Shortly after Carey is caught by Markram off Morris for 85 with the score at 275 for 7
Khawaja comes back only to be bowled out by Rabada for 18
Starc hits a 6 off Morris
Starc is bowled by Rabada for 16 - 306 for 9
in the final over Lyon tries for a six off Phehlukwayo.........
...but is caught by Markram for 3 and Australia are all out for 315 and South Africa win by 10 runs
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