Sigma 18-200mm 22mm (33mm equiv) 400 iso 1/500 f11
high d-Lighting
Curves Adjutment layer to darken sky and converging verticals corrected in Photoshop

Sigma 18-200mm 18mm (27mm equv) 1000iso 1/2500 f13
high d - lighting - verticals corected
Dog Parking
Sigma 18-200mm 116mm (174mm) 800 iso 1/250 f8

Sigma 18-200mm 34mm (50mm) 800 iso 1/800 f14
Sigma 18-200mm 18mm (27mm) 400iso 1/640 f13
Sigma 18-200mm 200mm (300mm) 400iso 1/800 f14
Sigma 18-200mm 22mm (33mm) 500iso 1/125 f8
original - Sigma 18-200mm 30mm (45mm) 200iso 1/40 f4
2 layers -2nd layer cubism effect linear light mode 60% opacity
Sigma 18-200mm 95mm (147mm) 200iso 1/500 f5.6
Sigma 18-200mm 26mm (39mm) 200iso 1/320 f9
Now for a set of images taken of the same scene with differing ISO rates.
There are some 100% crops undernath them
Sigma 18-200mm 200iso 1/320 f9
Sigma 18-200mm 400iso 1/500 f11
Sigma 18-200mm 800iso 1/800 f14
Sigma 18-200mm 1600iso 1/100 f16
Sigma 18-200mm 3200iso 1/1600 f20
Sigma 18-200mm 6400iso 1/2000 f22
400 iso
Sigma 18-200mm 200mm (300mm) 250iso 1/320 f11
Sigma 18-200mm 65mm (97mm) 500iso 1/250 f8
Sigma 18-200mm 78mm (117mm) 250iso 1/320 f11
Sigma 18-200mm 46mm (69mm) 250iso 1/250 f10
Sigma 18-200mm 18mm (27mm) 640iso 1/400 f10
Sigma 18-200mm 46mm (69mm) 640iso 1/250 f10
Oh look he's got a D300 !
Infra Red
Nikon D70 - 400 iso f8
Nikon D300 - 400 iso f8
Both images were taken with an old 20mm Nikkor 3.5 with Hoya R72 filter .
A series of images taken with 6 different cameras from the same position of the same scene using a similar focal length where possible. To the right of each is a 100% crop from each of the images - the 400 x 300 crops were made from the 100% actual pixels view in Photoshop.
Nikon D300 Sigma 18-200 18mm (27mm equiv) 400iso1/800 f8 high active D lighting
Nikon D200 Sigma 18-200 18mm (27mm) 400 iso
1/400sec f10

Nikon D70 Sigma 18-200 18mm (27mm) 400iso
1/640 f8
Dimage 7 28mm 1/1000 f8
Nikon 990 38mm 1/256 f5.5
Nokia N95 mobile phone 1/166 f2.8 5.6mm
a 10 sec 320 x 240 time lapse of Jodrell Bank - one shot every 5 seconds. The AVI has been compressed using XviD mpeg-4 Codec to keep the size down
D300 55mm Nikkor 1600 iso 1/4000 f8
D70 55mm Nikkor 1600 iso 12500 f8
D200 55mm Nikkor 1600iso 1/2000 f8
D200 55mm Nikkor 2.8 macro 1/125 f8 100 iso
D300 55mm Nikkor 2.8 macro 1/250 f8 100 iso
D300 55mm Nikkor 2.8 macro 1/250 f8 100 iso 100% crop
D200 55mm Nikkor 2.8 macro 1/125 f8 100 iso 100% crop
D300 Sigma 18-200 18mm (27mm) 400iso 1/640 8
D300 Sigma 18-200 78mm (156mm) 1600iso 1/125 8
I have also been trying the D300 for copying trannies. The d300 is placed on a Kaiser Copy Stand and I use an old Durst colour enlarger box upside down as a light source. I have used both Nikkor 55mm Micro and the Nikkor 105mm micro . Results are better than my Nikon scanner though they do require cleaning in Photoshop. Images are saved as Raw . Here are 4 examples.
Calgary - copied via D300 105mm 1/400 f16 200iso
Bryce - copied via D300 55mm 1/100 f16 200iso
Mammoth Springs Yellowstone
copied via D300 55mm 1/160 f16 200iso
Austria - copied via D300 105mm 1/200 f22 200iso
Nikon D200
Nikon D70
Digital Camera
Sigma 18-200
A couple of images from Manchester City v Bolton Premiership game on Dec 15th. There are more pics
and HERE

These are early shots with the D300 which handles well with controls vey similar to the D200. The big plus points iinclude a brighter and bigger LCD with the ability to view large close-ups (10x) of your image to check focus. The Active D-Lighting is good and there is lower noise at the high ISO's. Live View is another plus especially for static close-ups and difficult situations when you cannot easily see through the viewfinder. Image quality is first rate as you would expect and metering is pretty accurate. You can shoot at Tiff as well as the usual Raw and Jpeg and Raw files can be 14 bit as well as 12 bit.
I would have liked to have had a bit more sun but the weather has been pretty atrocious and decent outdoor photography has been limited to the odd hour or so. Hence I decided to build a still life set-up to do some tests - here - for new images scroll to bottom.

Isaksson saves from Anelka
Sigma 18-200mm 200mm (300mm) 1/500 f6.3 3200iso
Jaaskelainen and Vassell go head to head
Sigma 18-200mm 175mm ( 257mm) 1/500 f6 2000iso
Scroll down for new images
Casio F1
Most home Manchester City games are covered HERE with the D300
Nikon P500
Have I got views for you
Sony Nex7
Fuji S1