Lancashire v Hampshire Totesport Div 1
Kenway hits out
A supporters T shirt!
Muralitharan catches Lamb for 11
Cork drops Kenway
LBW appeal turned down
Warne hits Mahmood to leg but.........
Warne is brilliantly run out for 15
Hants 2 for 69
Hegg attempts a stumping
What a hat
Crook tries to save a boundary
Lancy posies with supporters
Crawley bowled by Anderson
McMillan stumped by Hegg for 0
Pietersen drives Mamhood
Taylor bowled for 3
Loye out for 0
Hodge is brilliantly caught for 2 by Kenway
Smoke signals!
Crawley catches Law for 2
Chilton batting
Warne drops Crook
Warne about to catch Crook for 16
Warne appeals
Warne bowling
Chilton bowled by Taylor for 47
Another Warne appeal
Lancy watches the action
Diving catch by Ervine to dismiss Cork
Lancs were all out for 121
A cloudy bright day welcomed the visit of Hampshire who had Shane Warne and Pietersen in their side.
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