First impressions of the D200 were pretty good. The exposure system is very accurate with a slight tendency to underexpose so that you rarely wash out the highlights. It handles very well - feels more solid that the D70. More like my old F4's and certainly lighter than my old F3 with motor drive!
The LCD is a lot larger than the D70 but in strong sunlight ( not that I have had much of that recently) it can be a bit too reflective. A very good feature is the ability to zoom into a tiny section of the image ( 30x magnification ) to check focus.
The controls are easy to find and it is much easier to change the ISO which now you can see in the viewfinder. The controls are pretty intuitive and a great improvement over the D70. For those that have a load of old Nikon lenses there is good news too. Although you have to focus manually for the older lenses at least when you feed in the focal length and aperture of the lens into the appropriate menu setting you can now get accurate exposure in several modes.
The battery does not last as long as the D70 one so its always best to have a fully charged spare with you. At least you can see how the battery is getting on in the top control panel. The number of images you can get out of the battery will vary. I have had several thousand - albeit in a time lapse sequence of one shot every second at the lowest JPG compression and image size and it has also lasted 20 hours continuously at one shot every ten minutes with the LCD switched off. I'll be adding to these notes as time goes on so keep tuned!
All images are hand held unless stipulated otherwise. There are larger versions of some images if you click on them.

Sigma 18-200mm zoom 27mm (35mm equiv.) 1/320 f9 200 iso - above right is a 100% crop of the above image and on the right is a 150% crop. Click on the 100% crop for larger image
Sigma 18-200mm 300mm equiv. 1/320 f8
1250 iso
Manchester City v Sunderland March 2006. Three sets of images to show 100% or near crops from originals.
Other pics on the game at
City v Sunderland
100% crop click for bigger image
Sigma 18-200mm 300mm equiv. 1/640 f6.3 1000 iso
75% crop on right
Sigma 18-200mm 230mm equiv. 1/500 f6 1250 iso
100 % crop
Sigma 18-200mm 82mm equiv. 1/320 f9 200 iso
100 % crop
Sigma 18-200 mm 52mm equiv. 1/320 f9 200 iso
100% crop on right
Original Raw nef file Sigma 18-200mm
70mm equiv. focal length
1/320 f9 200 iso
100% crop of original
150% crop of original
200% crop of original
100% crop
Sigma 18-200mm 27mm equiv. 200 iso from RAW
100% crop
Original was raw nef file shot on Sigma 18-200 zoom
27mm equiv. focal length 1/320 f9 200 iso
Sigma 18-200mm 70mm equiv. 1/350 f10
200 iso
100% crop
Original image shot with Sigma 18-200 300mm equiv. 1/500 f6.3 3200 iso
left hand pic treated with Neat Image. Both had same curves and unsharp mask in Photoshop
Sigma 18-200mm zoom 27mm equiv. 1/350 f11 200 iso with three 100% crops
Sigma 12-24mm 18mm equiv.
1/40 f32 400 iso
Nikon 180mm f2.8 lens ( 270mm equiv.) 1/500 f5.6 400 iso
Sigma 18-200mm at 200mm 300mm equiv. 1/750 f6.3 400 iso
100 % crops from their respective images. Both hand held and given same sharpness in PS
Nikon 180mm f2.8 1/250 f8
400 iso
Nikon 180mm f2.8 1/1650 f5.6
400 iso
Nikon 180mm f2.8 (270mm equiv.) 1/1000 f4 400 iso
Sigma 18-200mm 300mm equiv. 1/320 f6.3 400 iso
100% crops from original
Sigma 12-24mm 25mm equiv.
1/45 f22 400 iso
Sigma 18-200 27mm equiv. 1/125 5.6 200 iso
Nikon 180mm f2.8 1/500 f4
400 iso
sigma 18-200 zoom 100mm equiv. 1/350 f11
200 iso
3 x 100% crops from original
Nikon D70
Digital Camera
Sigma 18-200
Minolta A1 28mm equiv.
1/640 f9 400 iso
D70 Sigma 18-200 27mm equiv.
1/400 f10 500 iso
D200 Sigm 18-200 27mm equiv.
1/500 f11 500 iso
Screen grab in PS - 100 % crop in PS from D200 original (no sharpenng) and then similar images of same subject from A1 ( about 160%) and D70 ( about 130%) enlarged to give a similar blow-up
Minolta A1 200mm equiv. 1/640 f7
400 iso
Nikon D70 202mm equiv 1/500 f6
500 iso
Nikon D200 202mm equiv 1/320 f8 500 iso
Grab from Photoshop screen showing the relevant blow-ups from the three camera shots of the same scene. All shots are direct from camera - no extra sharpening.
I thought I would shoot the same scene with three different digital cameras to see how they fared and how things have improved over the last year or so. Results below. All hand held
Nikon D300
Casio F1
Nikon P500
Sony Nex7
Fuji S1
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