After a great deal of thought and a daily dose of the Nex 7 forum at dpreview .com I decided to invest in a Nex 7 and a Sony e 18-200 zoom lens. Having been using a Nikon D300 for several years I wanted to try and reduce the weight of my camera bag etc. I had already handled the camera at a dealers some weeks ago so knew it was great to hold. I have been most impressed with its capabilities and as I have a lot of old Nikon lenses I also bought a Novoflex adapter and you will see images from these later. The only drawbacks so far are the poor battery life compared to the D300 and the tendency to accidentally start video shooting. I hope an update in the firmware will fix this. Finding your way round all the menus can be a bit confusing at the start after a lifetime of Nikons but I will get it sorted. I will be adding more pages shortly. I have just got a second hand 16mm Sony lens and will be posting results from this too. Keep looking!
223mm 1/250 f6.3 160iso 50%crop
253mm 1/320 f6.3 400iso 50% crop
First images five minutes out of the shop to check whether the lens was OK
27mm 1/320 f8 100iso
27mm 1/800 f8 100iso
Taken on the way home
300mm 1/60 f6.3 16,000 iso
150mm 1/6th f5.6 800iso
Back home and high iso's tried out with my model. Originals were raw and noise reduced in adobe raw
46mm 1/60 f10 1600iso 40% crop
48mm 1/160 f4.5 800iso 50% crop
Next morning and a few shots taken on my morning walk to collect the paper
180mm 1/200 f6.3 1600iso 40% crop
220mm 1/250 f6.3 1600iso 30% crop
300mm 1/500 f8 100 iso - original above
100% crop from original
more pics from my morning walks later
27mm 1/1000 f 8 400iso original above

Note that all focal lengths below images are 35mm equivalents ie 18-200mm is 27mm - 300mm - the crop factor
Unless mentioned all images are hand held and taken with Sony e18-200zoom.
There are some larger versions of the early pics if you click on them. Most originals are JPGs.

160% crop from original
from same position 300mm 1/800 f10 400iso original
100% crop from original on left
300mm 1/320 f6.3 500iso 75% crop
'a tricky journey ahead'
243mm 1/125 f6.3 400iso
First pan - 1/160 f6.3 100iso orig 8192x1856
300mm 1/100 f6.3 200iso 50% crop
300mm 1/320 f 6.3 400iso 25% crop
27mm 1/100 f11 100iso full frame
50% crop from image on left
100% crop from above image
200% crop from above left image
200mm 1/250 f6.3 320iso 25% crop
96mm 1/125 f7.1 100iso
300mm 1/320 f6.3 320iso 25% crop
300mm 1/320 f6.3 400iso 50% crop
253mm 1/320 f6.3 160iso
253mm 1/320 f6.3 160iso
300mm 1/320 f6.3 125iso 100% crop
300mm 1/320 f6.3 160iso 50% crop
300mm 1/320 f6.3 400iso 70% crop
150mm 1/160 f5.6 100iso 20% crop
'looks too cold for me'
141mm 1/200 f8 100iso
300mm 1/320 f7.1 100iso 50% crop
30mm 1/160 f13 100iso
100% crop from original left
100% crop from above original
150% crop from original above left
from same position 300mm 1/320 f6.3 100iso
100% crop
27mm 1/320 f8 1600iso 50% crop
66mm 1/0 f5 100iso on camera flash
After the master had checked my pictures from the morning out it was time for a little rest
Now for some images from the next morning walk for the paper
300mm 1/80 f14 1600iso
300mm 1/100 f16 1600iso
214mm 1/80 f6.3 1600 iso
100% crop
'Do you mind! I'm having my breakfast' - both 300mm 1/320 f6.3 1600iso
300mm 1/125 f6.3 1600iso
300mm 1/1000 f7.1 1600iso
300mm 1/1600 f8 1600iso
300mm 1/1600 f8 1600iso
300mm 1/32 f6.3 1000iso 50%crop
247mm 1/640 f9 1600iso
300mm 1/800 f10 1600iso 100%
282mm 1/125 f7.1 1600iso 75% crop
300mm 1/320 f10 1600iso30% crop
300mm 1/80 f10 1600iso 40% crop
300mm 1/80 f10 1600iso 75% crop
114mm 1/125 f5.6 200iso
40mm 1/4000 f5 1600iso
33mm 1/320 f8 6400iso
end of the walk in sunshine and rain
I have started to do some trials using the Nex 7 to copy trannies . Here are a few early results
The set-up uses a Nikon PB4 bellows and an old Nikon 85mm f1.8 lens with a slide holder attached on a tripod. Illumination is a Nikon sb800 flash attached via a Nikon Sc-17 extension cord to a Youngnuo YN -H3 hot show adapter
Raw files are used at 100iso. aperture on the lens is about f16 .
more later
England v Australia Natwest one day international at Old Trafford 10th July 2012
27mm 1/160 f6.3 100iso pan
A few pics from this rain effected day - there will be a separate web page later
300mm 1/400 f8 400iso - Bell and Vaughen
60% crop
100% crop
200% crop
300mm 1/4000 f8 6400iso 45% crop
300mm 1/2500 f6.3 12800iso 50%crop
100% crop
100% crop
300m 1/4000 f13 6400iso 50% crop part of 10fps seq
300mm 1/4000 f6.3 3200iso 50% crop
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Have I got views for you
Man City
Old Trafford - venue for the games between Team UAE v Team Uruguay and Team GB against Team Senegal. Below are a few images from these games shot with the Sony 18-200 zoom from the back of the East Stand.
There will be more on a separate web page here
300mm 1/800 f10 1600iso
UAE and Urugauy make their entrance
172mm 1/1000 f10 1600iso
Matar beats the keeper.....
..... and scores for UAE - 172mm 1/1000 f10 1600iso
262mm 1/640 f9 1600iso 50% crop -
Ramirez scores from a free kick
94mm 1/640 f9 3200iso
Lodeiro scores the wnner for Uruguay
Team GB and Senegal take the field -
300mm 1/500 f9 3200iso
70mm 1/500 f5 6400iso 50% crop
Bellamy scored for Team GB
300mm 1/250 f 6.3 3200iso
Konate scores for Senegal
300mm 1/125 f6.3 400iso original
400iso 100% crop
800iso 100%crop
1600iso 100%crop
3200iso 100% crop
6400iso 100% crop
300mm 1/4000 f6.3 12800iso 100% crop
300mm 1/4000 f6.3 12800iso
The Etihad Stadium - Manchester City v Southampton Aug 2013 Sony 18-200 27mm 1/60 f4 160iso
Sony 18-200mm 300mm 1/800 f10 3200iso
100% crop
Sony 18-200mm 243mm 1/500 f9 3200iso
40% crop
Sony 18-200mm 300mm 1/640 f9 3200iso
50% crop
Sony 18-200mm 201mm 1/500 f9 3200iso
50% crop
Sony 18-200mm 205mm 1/640 f9 3200iso
60% crop
Sony 18-200mm 210mm 1/400 f8 3200iso
100% crop
Sony 18-200mm 234mm 1/600 f7.1 3200iso
35% crop
Sony 18-200mm 117mm 1/1250 f6.3 3200iso
100% crop
Sony 18-200mm 157mm 1/2500 f6.3 3200iso
100% crop
Sony 18-200mm 228mm 1/2500 f6.3 3200iso
110% crop
You can view more images from this game at my Man City page here
Some images taken with the Nex 7 at a book launch here
FA Cup Final 2013
Man City v Arsenal
Man City v Ajax
City 4 Newcastle U 0
City 2 Hull City 0
City 5 Wigan 0
City 4 Man U 1
City 1 Bayern Munich 3
City 3 Everton 1
City 7 Norwich 0
City 5 Moscow 2
City 6 Spurs 0
City 3 Swansea City 0
City 2 Liverpool 1
City 1 Palace 0
City 5 Fulham 0
City 4 Southampton 1
Sony A6000