A very hot and sunny day at Old Trafford. England won all one day tests. Images shot with Sony 6300 and 18-200 lens. Because of distance to the wicket most pics were heavily cropped
The players were out early for their warm up
Jimmy Anderson has a word with a photographer
This creature is trying to get into Jimmy's interview!
A drone is capturing the moment the England team come out
Finch gets four leg byes
Head drives Curran for three
Finch drives Curran to the boundary
Finch drives Root for 4 and Australia are 50 up in no time
Finch again drives Root for four
This time Finch is out bowled by Moeen Ali for 22.
Australia 60 for 1
Maybe he thought it was still Root bowling!
Stoinis is soon out caught by Ball off Moeen Ali -
60 for 2
Ball is delighted with his catch
There are Aussies in the crowd
Head reaches his 50 with a single
Head drives Moeen Ali
Marsh tries a reverse sweep
Marsh is stumped by Buttler
The video shows he had his foot up so Marsh is out for 8 and Australia are 97 for 4
They had lost Head for 56 at 90. I missed it - changing the battery!
Paine is brilliantly run out by Buttler for 1 and Australia are 100 for 5
Short plays back to Rashid
Short drives Root for 4
Hope you're enjoying it up there!
Carey hits a six off Root
Carey pulls Rashid for 4
Carey is caught behind by Buttler off Curran
for 44 - Australia 6 for 159
Agar is then bowled by Curran for 0 and it's now 7 down
Not many fancy costumes today in the crowd
Richardson thumps a six off Rashid
Richardson is run out by Moeen Ali for 14 and Australia are now 181 for 8
Lyon is out lbw to Rashid for 1
Stanlake is bowled by Moeen Ali for 2 and Australia are all out for 205
Australia had only used 34.4 overs in their innings. Moeen took 4 for 46 and Curran 2 for 44
Bad start for England - Roy bowled by Agar for 1
Bairstow gets off the mark
Oh dear another wicket down - Bairstow bowled by Stanlake for 12 -England 19 for 2
Hales hits Lyon for 4
Morgan is bowled by Stanlake for 0- England 4 for 27
Hale scores a four off Stoinis
Buttler edges Agar to leg
Hales is caught behind off Richardson for 20 and England are in trouble at 5 for 50
Buttler drives Richardson for 4
Buttler bangs a four just before the break
with England 66 for 5
David Lloyd having a chat for Sky
It's time for a break with some weird creatures around
Hope you are enjoying the view from the hotel
Buttler pulls Richardson for 4
Buttler cuts Lyon
Moeen Ali is out caught by Lyon off Stoinis for 16 England now 6 for 86
I spy a drone again!
Buttler hits Lyon for 4
The Aussies beg for a wicket!
That's a big ball - will the steward return it?
Hurrah it's back and this young lady will carry it to the top of the stand
The Lancs mascot in the background watches Curran hitting a six
Surely that's the wrong colour ball on the field!
Curran is caught by Paine off Richardson for 15 and England are 7 for 114
Plunkett is out first ball caught by Paine again off Richardson - 114 for 8 - oh dear!
Buttler gets his fifty off 74 balls
This Aussie looks confident
Buttler brings up the 150 - he's 68
Oh he has to dive -is he in?
Phew he just made it!
Buttler drives Richardson to the boundary -
77 not out
Buttler hits Richardson for another four
Rashid is battling on and scoring runs too
Shame that cannot be seen from all parts of the ground as there are often two different displays on the score boards!
Rashid pulls Stoinis to leg.....
...but alas he is caught by Stanlake for 20 -
England 9 for 195
Buttler thumps a six off Agar
England have their trophy
That brings up his 100 and England are 201 for 9 needing five more runs and look the camera man has arrived and yes.......
..we are on TV!
Will England do it!!!!
Buttler hits a four and England win by one wicket - what a great game!
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