England v Australia NatWest one day international
Old Trafford 10th July 2012
Bad weather delayed the start of this match against Australia and by the time the umpires decided it was fit for play the game was reduced to 32 overs per innings.
27mm pan 1/160 f6.3 100iso - the covers are on and it looks like a long wait
The old pavilion looks in bad shape right now as renovations are in progress
91mm 1/250 f9 800iso
205mm 1/500 f9 800iso
210mm 1/400 f8 800iso
28mm 1/2000 f11 800iso
Prospects don't look good!
Flood lights reflected in the Point
Botham asks Mike Atherton where the toilets are - Over there answers Mike!
271mm 1/500 f8 400iso
201mm 1/320 f7.1 400iso
Twitter time
Bell and Michael Vaughen
Teachers day out
Say Cheese!
Jonathan Agnew
Ah got it!
Oh My - It's out of focus!
27mm 1/1000 f8 800iso
291mm 1/400 f8 400iso
At last after a long delay the teams come out for this one day test against the Aussies.
In the background is the new Media Centre nearing completion
Wade drives Anderson -
300mm 1/4000 f6.3 1600iso
Warner drives Finn -
300mm 1/4000 f6.3 1600iso
Warner hits to leg-
300mm 1/4000 f6.3 1600iso
Warner hits a six off Broad
300mm 1/4000 f7.1 3200iso
Warner is lbw to Tredwell for 32 1 for 43
Wade drives 300mm 1/4000 f8 6400iso
Forest pulls - 300mm 1/4000 f8 6400iso 50% crop
Clarke is run out for 1 55 for 4
300mm 1/4000 f6.3 3200iso 50% crop
Kieswetter jumps to catch -
300mm 1/4000 f8 6400iso
Patel rues dropping Warner -
300mm 1/4000 f7.1 3200iso 100% crop
Smith is caught behind off Bopara for 21 77 for5
300mm 1/4000 f8 6400iso
Kieswetter appeals for lbw
Bailey hits a six -
300mm 1/4000 f6.3 6400iso
Bailey sweeps for 4
300mm 1/4000 f6.3 6400iso 75% crop
Pattinson is caught behind off Finn for 13 120 for 7
300mm 1/4000 f6.3 6400iso
Bailey hits out as Australia finish on 145 f 7
300mm 1/3200 f6.3 6400iso 75% crop
Bell is caught by Bailey at mid wicket off McKay for 4.
300mm 1/3200 f8 12800iso
Cook defends
267mm 1/3200 f6.3 6400iso
Cook hits a four off McKay
277mm 1/3200 f6.3 6400iso
Trouble on the other side of the ground
300mm 1/3200 f6.3 12800iso 60% crop
Cook hits a four -
300mm 1/3200 f6.3 12800iso
Down comes the rain again
42mm 1/3200 f4.5 3200iso
I think it's stopped raining !300mm 1/250 f9 3200iso
England will need 113 from 138 balls after the delay
27mm 1/250 f11 3200iso
Smile for the television!
300mm 1/1600 f6.3 6400iso
Trott hits a four -
295mm 1/1600 f6.3 6400iso 50% crop
Trott hits another four
295mm 1/1600 f6.3 6400iso 60% crop
Cook pulls -
300mm 1/1600 f6.3 6400iso
Cook drives -
300mm 1/1600 f6.3 6400iso
Bopara brings up the 50
300mm 1/1600 f6.3 6400iso
Bopara hits out
286mm 1/1600 f7.1 6400iso 70% crop
Bopara hits a four -
300mm 1/1600 f6.3 6400iso 50% crop
Cook drives -
300mm 1/2500 f6.3 12800iso 50% crop
Cook drives -
291mm 1/2500 f6.3 12800iso 60% crop
Cook deflects to leg to reach his 50
300mm 1/2500 f6.6400iso
Bopara hits out and England reach 100
267mm 1/2500 f6.3 12800iso
Bopara cuts to reach his 50
300mm 1/2500 f6.3 12800iso
Cook is caught by Clarke for 58
300mm 1/2500 f6.3 12080iso
England hit the winning run
300mm 1/2500 f6.3 12080iso
The Nex 7 has the ability to shoot 10 frames per second and below are a couple of examples taken from Anderson and Finn bowling trying to catch the ball leaving the bowlers hand
300mm 1/4000 f13 6400iso Anderson bowling
300mm 1/4000 f13 6400iso Finn bowling
So England win the series 4-0 despite the weather
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