Part 4 - seasons 2017-2018 to 2020-2021
Season 2017-2018
Man City 5 Liverpool 0
Sept 9th 2017
Aguero takes a pass from De Bruyne, rounds the keeper and shoots into an empty net
Sergio just fails to score
Man City 5 Crystal Palace 0
Sept 23rd 2017
On 79 minutes Sergio scores with a header to make it four nil
Man City 3 Burnley 0
Oct 21st 2017
After Benardo was brought down Aguero scored from the spot beating Pope and it was his 177th goal for City
Man City 3 Arsenal 1
Nov 5th 2017
Aguero gets a special trophy for his record of club goals
Sergio beats Cech from the spot
Man City 4 Bournemouth 0
Dec 23rd 2017
After 27 minutes Aguero heads past the keeper for his 100th goal at the Etihad
Sergio heads past Begovic to make it three nil
Man City 3 Watford 1
Jan 2nd 2018
At a corner Gomes is unable to hold the ball and Aguero is nearby to poke it in the net
Man City 4 Burnley 1
Jan 6th 2018 FA Cup
A quick Gundogan free kick went to Aguero who scores
Gundogan back heels to Aguero who rounds the keeper
and nets to put City in front
Man City 2 Bristol C 1
Jan 9th League Cup
In added time a cross by Benardo Silva was headed home by Sergio for the winner
Man City 3 Newcastle U 1
Jan 20th 2018
Aguero glances a De Bruyne cross past the keeper and
City lead
Sergio scores from the spot after Sterling was brought down
On 83 minutes Sane provides Sergio with a chance and he completes his hat-trick
Man City 3 West Brom 0
Jan 31st 2018
Aguero takes a pass from Sterling and shoots past Foster to make it three nil
Man City 5 Leicester C 1
Feb 10th 2018
Man City 3 Arsenal 0
Carabao Cup Final - Feb 2018
At the start of the second half Aguero scores thanks to a great pass by De Bruyne
A few minutes later Aguero gets another pass from
Kevin and scores
An amazing error by Schmeichel gifts Aguero his hat-trick
Just on full time Aguero takes a shot from distance and it goes over the keeper and it's 5-1 with four by Sergio
after 18 minutes Aguero chips the ball over the keeper to give City the lead
Season 2018-2019
Man City 6 Huddesfield 1
Aug 19th 2018
A long kick by Ederson finds Aguero who chips the ball over the keeper to score
Sergio scores from close range to make it three nil
Aguero and Mendy dance to celebrate
Aguero deflects a cross by Mendy past Hamerfor his hat-trick
Man City 2 Brighton 0
Sept 29th 2018
Aguero finishes a great run with his 5th league goal of the season
Man City 5 Burnley 0
Oct 20th 2018
Aguero gets a cross from Silva and shoots past the keeper to give City the lead
Man City 6 Southampton 1
Nov 4th 2018
On 12 minutes Sterling passes to Sergio who bangs the ball into the net from close range
Man City 3 Man U 1
Nov 11th 2018
Just after half time Mahrez passes to Aguero who cracks it past De Gea to make it two nil
Man City 2 Liverpool 1
Jan 3rd 2019
On 40 minutes Sergio gets the ball from Benardo and cracks the ball past the keeper to give City the lead.
It was his 250th for City
Man City 3 Arsenal 1
Feb 3rd 2019
Sergio heads in a Laporte cross in 45 seconds -wow
Just before half time Aguero nets his second goal
A Sterling cross eventually comes to Aguero and it crosses the line for his hat-trick
Man City 6 Chelsea 0
Feb 10th 2019
On 13 minutes Aguero shoots from outside the area and the ball flies into the top corner of the goal
Thanks to an error by Barkley Aguero scores from close range to make it three nil
Sergio completes his hat-trick from the spot and it's 5-0
Man City 0 Chelsea 0
Feb 2019 League Cup Final
City win on penalties
Aguero scores his spot kick
Man City 1 West Ham U 0
Feb 27th 2019
Aguero scores from the penalty spot to win the match
Man City 7 Schalke 0
Mar 12th 2019
Sergio gives City the lead from the spot after Benardo was brought down
Aguero shoots through the keeper's legs for number 2
Man City 4 Spurs 3
April 17th Champions League
On 59 minutes De Bruyne passes to Aguero who thumps the ball past the keeper to make it 4-2.
It was Sergio's 30th goal of the season
Season 2019-2020
Man City 2 Spurs 2
Aug 17th 2019
On 35 minutes a cross by De Bruyne is met by Aguero to slot the ball past the keeper and City go ahead again
Man City 4 Brighton 0
Aug 31st 2019
Thanks to a pass from De Bruyne Aguero scores to make it 2 nil
On 56 minutes Sergio makes it 3 nil with a great shot
Man City 8 Watford 0
Sept 21st 2019
Mahrez is brought down by the keeper and Aguero scores from the spot to make it two nil after 7 minutes
Man City 5 Atalanta 1
Oct 22nd 2019
Aguero scores from close range
Sergio makes it 2-1 from the spot
Man City 3 Southampton 1
Oct 29th League Cup
Sergio scores on 38 minutes
Aguero puts City three up
Man City 2 Southampton 1
Nov 2nd 2019
Aguero hits a Walker cross through the keep's legs to level the scores
Man City 2 Sheff U 0
Dec 29th 2019
Man City 4 Port Vale 1
Jan 4th 2020 FA Cup
Aguero manages to get a Foden cross into the net
On 52 minutes Aguero shoots past Henderson
Man City 2 Crystal Palace 2
Jan 18th 2020
Sergio shoots his 250th goal for City from a cross from Jesus
A Mendy cross finds the head of Aguero and ends in the net
Man City 2 Aston Villa 1
March 2020 League Cup Final
On 20 minutes a header from Foden finds Aguero who shoots past the keeper to give City the lead
Sergio's Final Day
Man City 5 Everton 0
May 23rd 2021
The moment we have been waiting for - Sergio is on at last
He had only been on a few minutes when he scored a goal and incredibly he went on to score a second with a header
what a way to end his ten years at City
Sergio collects his medal
A face we shall never forget

league stats
2011/2012 - 34 ( 3 ) 23 goals
2012/2013 - 30 ( 8 ) 12 goals
2013/2014 - 23 ( 3 ) 17 goals
2014/2015 - 33 ( 3 ) 26 goals
2015/2016 - 30 ( 1 ) 24 goals
2016/2017 - 31 ( 6 ) 20 goals
2017/2018 - 25 ( 3 ) 21 goals
2018/2019 - 33 ( 2 ) 21 goals
2019/2020 - 24 ( 6 ) 16 goals
2020/2021 - 12 ( 5 ) 4 goals


Man City totals -
league ----------275 games 184 goals
FA Cup----- -----17 games 20 goals
league cup -----16 games 11 goals
other --------------53 games 45 goals
12 Premier league hat-tricks
2 four goals and a five against Newcastle 2015
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