Part 2 - seasons 2013-2014 and 2014-2015
Season 2013-2014
Man City 4 Newcastle U 0
Aug 19th 2013
On 21 minutes Aguero took a pass from Dzeko and shot past Krull to make it two nil
Man City 4 Man U 1
Sept 22nd 2013

Aguero volleys a cross by Kolarov past the keeper to give City the lead on 15 minutes
a cross by Negredo is hammered home by Sergio to make it three nil
Man City 3 Everton 1
Oct 5th 2013
Just before half time Aguero takes a great pass from Silva and shoots past the keeper to give City the lead
Howard has a close meeting with Aguero!
Howard almost saves Aguero's penalty that makes it 3-1
Man City 7 Norwich C 0
Nov 2nd 2013
A shot by Aguero rebounds off a defender into the goal
Sergio passes to Negredo who scores for number 4
Aguero scores to make it six nil
Man City 5 CSKA Moscow 2
Nov 5th 2013
Aguero scores from the spot after just 2 minutes
Aguero makes 2 nil on 19 minutes
Man City 6 Spurs 0
Nov 24th 2013
Aguero brilliantly slides in a Navas cross to make it 3 nil
Yaya passes to Sergio who scores to make it 4 nil
Man City 4 Viktoria Pizen 2
Nov 27th 2013
After Aguero has a shot blocked by a hand he scores from the resultant penalty to give City the lead
Man City 6 Arsenal 3
Dec 14th 2013
City took the lead on 13 minutes when Aguero thumps the ball into the net at a corner
Man City 5 Blackburn R 0
Jan 15th 2014
On as a sub Aguero scores with his second touch to make it four nil
Man City 4 Cardiff C 2
Jan 18th 2014
On as a sub Aguero goes this way then that way before banging the ball past the keeper for 4-1
Man City 4 Watford 2
Jan 25th 2014
Aguero is rather outnumbered
After Bond had saved from Dzeko by pushing out the ball Aguero had the easy task of scoring
Sergio hits it into the top corner to level the scores
In added time Aguero completes his hat-trick with a header- his 25th goal of the season
Man City 3 West Brom 1
April 21 st 2014
On ten minutes City went two up when Aguero beat the keeper from 25 yards
Man City 2 West Ham U 0
May 11th 2014
Oh no! Sergio misses from close range!
Sergio celebrates with colleagues as City win the
Premier League once again
Season 2014- 2015
Man City 3 Liverpool 1
Aug 25th 2014
Aguero had only been on the pitch for a few seconds for the injured Dzeko before he shoots past Mignolet to make it 3 nil
Man City 4 Spurs 1
Oct 18th 2014
Aguero gives City the lead on 13 minutes
Sergio scores from a penalty for his second goal
City get a second penalty which
Sergio converts for his hat-trick
Later Aguero breaks through yet again and shoots past the keeper for his 4th
Man City 1 Man U 0
Nov 2nd 2014
Aguero hits a Clichy cross past the keeper to give City the lead
Man City 3 Bayern Munich 2
Nov 25th 2914
After Aguero had been brought down in the penalty area
he took the penalty and scored
After Alonso lost the ball Sergio flew towards the goal and scored past Neuer
In added time an error by Boateng gives Aguero the chance to score a hat-trick and win the game
Man City 2 West Ham U 0
April 19th 2015
With help from Navas Aguero scores and City lead two nil
Man City 3 Aston Villa 2
April 25th 2015
An error by Guzan gave Aguero a very early chance which he took on 3 minutes
Man City 6 QPR 0
May 10th 2015
Man City 2 Southampton 0
May 24th 2015
Aguero chips the ball over Green to give City an early lead
Early in the second half Aguero gets his second goal
Sergio completes his hat-trick with his umpteen penalty!
Aguero heads the ball home to make it two nil
Sergio with his golden boot
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