Man City 4 Swansea 0
Aug 15th 2011
What a great debut - twp goals and an assist after coming on as a sub
Sergio is waiting to come on for the injured De Jong with Manager Mancini
He scores his first goal on 67 minutes following a cross by Richards
In added time Aguero he let fly a ferocious shot that swerved past Vorm to make it four nil - a great debut
Man City 3 Wigan Athletic 0
Sept10th 2011
Taking a pass from Silva Aguero opened the scoring
On 62 minutes Aguero took a pass from Nasri and scored his second
a minute or so later he completed his hat-trick getting a great through ball by Silva
Man City 2 Villarreal 1
Oct 18th 2011
Aguero came on as sub for De Jong after 61minutes and was well marked
In added time Sergio scored the winner
Man City 3 Newcastle U 1
Nov 19th 2011
Aguero is very closely marked by Taylor!
As Balotelli had been subbed Aguero scored the penalty that made it three nil
Man City 5 Norwich C 1
Dec 3rd 2011
Aguero brilliantly beats several defenders before poking the ball through the legs of one defender into the goal to give City the lead
Man City 1 Arsenal 0
Dec 18th 2011
Szczesny saves from Aguero
A Sergio header is finished off by Silva for the vital goal
Man City 3 Stoke C 0
Dec 21st 2011
Aguero has an easy task to score the first goal after an error by the keeper
Nasri crosses and Sergio hits it first time for goal number three
Man City 3 Liverpool 0
Jan 3rd 2012
After just ten minutes a shot by Aguero went under the body of keeper Reina
Man City 3 Fulham 0
Feb 4th 2012
Aguero scores from the spot after just 9 minutes
Sergio dribbles past several defenders before passing to Dzeko who scores
Man City 3 Blackburn R 0
Feb25th 2012
Aguero makes it two nil from close range
Man City 3 Sporting Lisbon 2
Mar 15th 2012
On 60 minutes Aguero gets a pass from Toure and scores
Following a corner Sergio nets from close range to give City the lead
Man City 2 Chelsea 1
March 21st 2012
Aguero scores the penalty given for handball to level the score
Man City 4 West Brom 0
April 11th 2012
Aguero beats Foster from well outside the penalty area after just 5 minutes to give City the lead
Sergio beats Foster again for goal number 2
Man City 3 QPR 2
May13th 2012
An amazing match with an incredible ending. Never to be forgotten by all who were there!
City players thank Sergio
on come the City fans to celebrate
The famous moment of all time
Sergio liked that!

With only seconds to go Balotelli passed to Aguero who ran past 2 players and cracked the ball past Kenny to score the goal that won the Premier League

Season 2011 - 2012
Season 2012-2013
Man City 2 Ajax 2
Nov 6th 2012
On 74 minutes Aguero shoots past the keeper to level the scores
With only minutes to go it looked like Aguero had scored the winner but Kolarov who had crossed the ball was offside
Man City 2 Spurs 1
Nov 11th 2012
On 65 minutes Aguero gets the ball from Yaya Toure and shoots past Friedel to level the score
Man City 5 Aston Villa 0
Nov 11th 2012
Sergio scores from the spot to give City a two goal lead
On 67 minutes Aguero beat Guzan from a narrow angle
Man City 1 Real Madrid 1
Nov 21st 2012
It looked certain that Aguero would score but Casillas managed to claw the ball away and it was cleared
Later Aguero did beat the keeper from the spot to score
Man City 3 Stoke C 0
Jan 1st 2013
After Silva was brought down in the penalty area Aguero scored but his shot was almost saved by Begovic
Man City 4 Leeds U 0
Feb 17th 2013
After being fouled Aguero scores from the spot to
make it 2-0
Taking a great pass from Silva Aguero to make it four nil
Man City 2 West Ham U 1
April 27th
After 28 minutes Aguero scores from close range to give City the lead
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