My first camera was an second hand Rapid Regula bought in Germany in July 1954. I was in the RAF at the time and this lasted until a posting to Singapore enabled me to get a Practica SLR. It was one of the early models without a rapid return mirror. A further move to Hong Kong introduced me to 8 mm film and the still camera changed to a Robot Royal which was a half frame and had a type of motor drive. I used it to shoot sequences of images to use in soccer referee training in which I was involved . On my return to the UK I eventually changed to a Hasselblad and an early Pentax Spotmatic. Then came a major change when I went over to the Nikon system starting with two second hand Nikkormats and a range of lenses. Eventually I changed from the Hasselblad ( broken shutter) to Mamya 6x7 and 645 and as far as Nikon was concerned I became a lecturer at the Nikon School and used number of dfferent bodies ending with F4's.
Film Camera List
Rapid Regula, Practica SLR, Robot Royal, Hasselblad, Pentax Spotmatic, Pentax SV, Mamoya 67 Nikon F, 2 x Nikon F3, 2 x Mamiya 645, 2 x Nikon FE, Nikon FE2, 2 x Nikon F4
In 2000 I decided to go digital and bought the Nikon 990 and for several trips for a while I used both digital and film cameras.The Nikon 990 was followed by a Dimage 7 and then a Dimage A1 . The Dimage 7 was very good for Infra red photography. Below you will find links to images taken on a series of different digital cameras.
Nikon 990
Dimage 7
Dimage A1
Casio F1
Nikon D70
Nikon D200
Nikon D300
Nikon p500
Sony Nex 7
Have I Got Views For You
The Casio F1 came next as a partner to the Nikons. It was one of the only cameras at the time to have slo-mo video. Then followed a series of Nikon digital SLR's -the D70, D200 and D300. A Nikon P500 bridge camera has been taken over by a Fuji S1 and I now use a Sony Nex 7 and a Sony A6000 a great deal. A Nikon D7100 is mainly used for copying trannies ( using a bellows and Componon lens)
Fuji S1
Tucker Torpedo
Sony A6000
New Book
Sony A6300
NEW Dimage 7
Sony A 6400
I added a Sony 6300 which was much better at focusing than the previous Sony's and this February 2019 moved to the a6400 which is really good with the new 18-135mm lens. I had used the Sony 18-200 for many years but the 18-135 is lighter and has very good definition
Phone pics