I used to have a Dimage 7 many years ago and you can see the original images shot with this camera HERE . However technology moved on and new cameras took over. However the big plus point about the Dimage 7 was the absence of a filter preventing infra red. So I took the Dimage on trips to the USA in 2002 and Cambodia in 2005 using it only to shoot infra red images. Alas it packed up not long after the trip to Cambodia. So recently I tried it out again but alas it took but one shot with new batteries so after checking the possibility of having it fixed I went onto Ebay and low and behold there was a Dimage 7 for sale so I bought it and so far it's been OK and it's back to a bit of infra red again.
200mm 1/125 f8 200iso macro mode
200mm 1/45 f8 200iso macro mode
200mm 1/45 f8 200iso macro mode
180mm 1/125 f8 200iso
The above four images were taken in wet weather - a great change from the hot humid spell!
120mm 1/2000 f3.4 200iso
108mm 1/30 f5.7 200iso
40mm 1/15 f3.4 100iso
This pic was tweeted by Paul Franklin and
re-tweeted by Brian Cox
80mm 1/15 f8 200iso
The infra red images below were shot hand held with a R72 filter or a 89B filter
28mm 1/30 f2.8 200iso
50mm 1/30 f8 800iso Swettenham Church
30mm 1/60 f2.8 100iso
48mm 1/30 f3.4 200iso
48mm 1/45 f3.4 200iso
28mm 1/15 f 8 800iso
4 images 28mm 1/15 f8 800iso
48mm 1/25 f3.4 200iso
48mm 1/25 f3.4 200iso
A typical day on the M6 near junction 17!
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