The Tucker 48 automobile was the brainchild of Preston Tucker. It is a very rare American car as only 51 were made before the company folded. It had very advanced features at the time and you'll find lots about it on the web. There are very few of them left now and the last one to appear on auction fetched nearly 3 million dollars in 2012. I believe there is one in the Uk most being in the USA. Having the same surname as the car intrigued me ( I very much doubt I am related!) so I obtained a 3d model and decided to put it in unlikely places! I mainly used Vue D'Esprit and some of my own images to put together a few pics.
parked at Tatton Park
not a good place to break down
at a friends house
a trip to Cairo
outside number 10
Not the easiest of roads
Monument Valley - a special place
Aspen is lovely in the autumn
Put the heater on-it's winter
I doubt whether you will see this on any motorway
checking the stars at Jodrell Bank
The old town of Bodie , Mono County California
More to come
Have I got views for you