Hello all you 'cyber cats' out there in 'Cyber Space'.
My name is Timmy. I suppose you might have guessed that from the title above but I like everybody to know my name.
I am the latest pussy resident here and I understand I follow in the footsteps of another illustrious cat called Blackie whose pages you know by heart already!
At the moment I am not allowed out , although I did try to get out through the cat flap the first night I was here but alas it was locked and once the "Master' found out it was blocked even more. Bah !
If I am not allowed out by Christmas I shall be watching all the 'escape' films over Christmas and will start digging a tunnel. However I am settling in quite well and getting plenty of attention.

This is me taking my first computer lesson in the studio which I have just been allowed to enter. The master gets very cross if I trample all over the keyboards and with three paws I can press the Ctrl, Alt and Delete keys very easily. Heee Heee Heee.
He won't let me work with Windows NT yet. I have to work through DOS and windows 3.1 How boring -all that typing in DOS !
With all this technology I am thinking of starting a programme called 'Big Pussy' - I remember watching something called 'Big Brother' a while ago before I came here
Over on the right I am practicing with the 'mouse' . It is not the type of mouse I am used to. As soon as am able to get out - via cat flap or tunnel I shall bring the master a little present of one !
For all you advertising executives out there I am available to star in any commercials - in fact - just show me a tin or sachet and will eat anything inside. I overheard the 'master' call me an 'eating machine' on the phone the other day. The nerve of it !
I have only been here a couple of weeks but already the emails are pouring in ! Well I have had six -so there. I will expand the page as soon I get out and hear all the latest gossip from the animals nearby. As you can see from the picture below left the weather is not so good. By the way I suppose you noticed the 'master' is growing some special plants for a revival of the 'Day of the Triffids' !
Each morning now I take it upon myself to check the temperature of the water before the master has a wash and as the 'master' is getting on a bit - poor old soul- I help him clean his teeth. All in a Pussy Cats busy day !
As you can see on the left I am just starting writing my report on my adventures when I escaped from my life of luxury for a day or so. You will be able to read all about it soon - I had hoped to get it serialised in one of the more upmarket papers but alas the editors thought it might cause other pussies to try and do the same so I am afraid you will have to read it here in a few days -
As you can see from the picture on the right I have a hard day doing filing.! What a hard life I lead. At my masters beck and call day and night !
Oh for a nice pint of milk and box of chocolates.
Below you will see an exclusive picture of me dreaming ! If you want to see what I am dreaming about move your 'mouse' over the picture of me on my special red blanket- below right.
As you probably know my master has a certain interest in a football team that goes by the name of Manchester City. He recently bought me this rather fetching hat and I can wave the scarf when they are on the TV. I would like to go to the match but he said I would get more attention than the players - I can quite understand that ! Its quite hard work signing autograph books with my paw.
As the more perceptive of you may have noticed I have now been given my official freedom and as I hired a photographer ( at huge cost) to take some snaps to celebrate the occasion I thought I'd put a few of the pictures on this page. I am checking the early spring growth in a basket -top right.

Here I am balancing on a gate and wondering what is just beyond.those fences. There is such a lot of exploring to be done.


Below left I was just saying thank you to the boss and then below I have managed to get through some fencing to check out some interesting hay. Maybe there is a mouse in there.

On the left I am on one of Blacky's favorite spots. You get a good view of the garden from here and I can check out what is going on.

I have been helping the master chop down some beech trees so that I can walk along the wall without any problems.
Well now its time for a little nap after going through the papers. I brought in some nice presents for the master the other day. Can't seem to find them now. He has probably put them in a special place.

The Great Escape
Read all about my adventures as exclusively reported in that wonderful pets magazine Fenine Times. The editor- Sissy (looks like me) can be contacted on sissyfelid@hotmail.com

As you can see I now come and go through my private entrance but I must admit it is a tight sqeeze for me. I shall have to go into training and lose a little weight.
Washing is so important you know and I spend ages sometimes making certain my fur is kept to the standard my master expects.
Too much work on the computer makes me quite tired. I have not quite mastered the art of pressing Ctrl Alt and Delete at the same time.
You can see what effect watching too many sci-fi films on TV does to you. Being 'taken' by Aliens gives me great extra powers . I could not possibly divulge them to you ...though you know all those crop circles..... nuff said.
I just love knocking pens on the floor but it makes the master quite cross cos he has to scuttle round on the floor looking for them.
I like to see what is going on outside and I now have a furry friend that my master bought me in special pet shop in Redstone, Colorado. He is very quiet and never answers me back.

Cats Corner
pictures of pussy cats and the odd dog!

Cats Corner
This is a special present I got for my master the other day. I was just enjoying playing with it in his studio when I was sidetracked for a moment or so and it vanished! I spent ages searching for it.
Well as you can see the master is making sure I am prepared for anything. The mice might fight back!
I like to sit on this old tree stump in the garden. I can check out any uninvited felines that may have strayed into my domain.
I am showing off my new pressie from a fan here. It makes a lovely bed for me. A special thank you to Iris for this.

Timmy on Holiday!
As I am not allowed to carry the masters bags on holiday.Here are a few pictures from my own exotic adventures.

Timmy's Hols
Here I am showing off my fangs for a new version of Dracula.
I had a visitor to the garden the other day. Now that summer is here, Jess, who lives next door, comes out to play but very rarely jumps over the wall so I was intrigued to see what my visitor was upto.
She was playing with Freddie the Frog from the pond. I had to call the F.R.O.G - Frog Rescue and Overturn Group.
They soon had Freddie back in the pond
After all that exercise I needed a little snooze. Life is so hard for pussy cats!
Getting to grips with a new digital camera can be a bit of a problem especially when I am not allowed to use it very often. I really wanted the master to get a really long tele lens to help me with my bird watching!
More hard work with the mouse.
Oh its all too much for me. Time for a little rest.

Hello everybody. This is Timmy's Xmas and New Years message to the World!

Dont forget to be good to your master or mistress and don't climb curtains or bring mice into the house. Keep purrrring into the New Year.

Now that summer is here I like to use the next door neighbours garden furniture - like one does of course. However the waiter service is not so good. I have been lying here for a long time now for my Whiskas on toast!
Well I gave up after a bit and along came Jess from next door to check out where I had been. Now I think its time to relax and enjoy some evening sunshine.

This is Jess from next door. Jess used to be quite nervous but is getting used to me now.


Alas poor Jess has now passed away to the pussyland in the sky.

Of course sleeping on a printer or laptop may not seem very comfortable to you but we cats have to find anything warm and I always promise not to press the wrong keys.
Well the master has got some horror thing on the TV so I had better hide so I can't hear the cries of those poor little mice.
I like to have a chat with my friend in the pond. He's called Freddy and during the summer months I like to have a nap by his home.
Watching TV is not good for your eyes so they say......... but I find it very boring so I like to take a nap.
In the summer I like to sit on the garden wall and chat to the birds and the next door neighbour but when winter arrives I stay indoors and having seen Norah play the piano on utube I had a go myself on the Wurlitzer but I'm not very good .
This is my latest present for my master who was slightly surprised! I wonder why.
I was very brave capturing this rat near our neighbours chickens.
Then a few days later I caught another one pinching the chickens food. I am becoming quite an expert now.
It's such hard work catching all these rats I think its time for a nice forty winks in the evening sunshine.

My master and I discovered that someone had been infiltrating the kitchen through my special entrance and nicking some of my food so we have been on full alert now for some days

One of the masters security cameras picked up the intruder and we send our scrambled image off to Abby at NCIS (aficionados will know who I mean) and she unscrambled it so if you run your mouse (excuse the word) over the image you will see the culprit.

This blackbird is either very stupid or brave to come into my territory and just sit there. Then he had the nerve to offer me some worms..
Urgh no no not for me.
I am guarding the tadpoles in the pond from this pesky bird who is making a din and upsetting my 40 winks
Another picture for Crimewatch of the unwanted visitor thinking about nicking my breakfast . Fortunately my master spotted him and grabbed a pic of the perp.

Message from Timmy's Master
I am very sorry to have to tell you that at 10-30am this morning on May 15th 2007 Timmy passed away during an operation to try and clear his lungs of a great deal of fluid .

He had been a wonderful companion and easily the most affectionate cat I have ever had. His love had no bounds. I spent last night with him and one of his last acts was to gently push out his paw towards me as a last gesture as if he knew the end was near. He was with me six years and I shall miss him every moment.
I shall treasure all the memories of him and below are the last three pictures I took of him. I do hope you will continue to view Timmy's page and support his ads. A copy of his web page will be buried with him

George's Page
Timmy's successor