Timmy's Hols
Here I am at the ruins in Machu-Picchu in Peru. I managed to hitch a lift from Cuzco on a funny old train. I have to watch out for low flying Condors that might fancy me for lunch.Mind you a hefty swing of my right paw will see them off. I practice on the master!
Now I am in an old hotel in France. The French cats are endlessly meowing all day long cos they are on strike for better food.
Now I should be able to get a good tan here. It takes me ages to get the sand out of my feet though. My body guard is looking after me well. You have to watch out for the camels that come and spit on you and make horrible grunting noises.
Now here's a nice little pad! I am just having a sit down after a very warm hour or so looking round the Taj Mahal in Agra. Not many amenities for pussies though. Not one bowl of milk or Whiskas!