George's Page
Donna with George
Now being a tiny tiny kitten I need plenty of exercise so my toys are important to me. Maybe I'll qualify for the Pussy Olympics!
Oh dear now I've ejected the DVD. I'm in deep trouble!
But I look so innocent the master couldn't possibly think it was me
Oh look there goes a police car - more trouble on the M6. Now if I pull this cord I can lift the blind and get a better view
I don't think the master can see me hidden behind the curtain
I love putting out my tongue - it's not always rude you know
There will be more soon - as soon as I teach the master how to take pictures
Blackie's page
Hello everybody my name is George and I was born ( so I am told) on September 1st this year so I am only 15 weeks old but already a world traveler -well if a ride down the M6 counts! I was rescued by a nice young lady Donna - there she is below right . I have taken over from Timmy so I have a lot to live up to but I eat my Whiskas and Arthur when I should and am so well behaved --- most of the time!!!
My master tells me I have to learn how to kick with my left foot. He should know by now I am pretty good with both feet so I shall be in his team soon!
I love plastic bags and Oh what's this creature that has appeared!
Just wait till I get my paws on that remote control - I can get it to open the fridge for me!
I like to keep in training so I can batter my master if he does not play with me enough!
Oh goody there's footy on the tele
Here I am in action - I am quick as a flash
I just can't decide which book to read
Now where did I hide the remote for the TV ?
Now if I'm really really careful I can avoid knocking down all the cards
Now its time for an afternoon nap. I have been so busy!
I have to be quick to catch the darn thing
Me and my shadow!
All this activity makes me tired. It's time for a snooze.
Now this is interesting - a real live fire - I will have to watch the sparks
Hallo what's your name
Now my master tells I have to keep my eye on the ball - which eye I wonder!
Now I'm ready for a fight. Do you want a left hook or a right upper scratch!
Now I'm sure I saw a book on 'How to be good to kittens'
Now this is really good fun -chasing in and out of a lamp shade.
I think I have been watching too many Dracula movies!
Are you sure that's me on the screen ?
Timmy's page
I could play with paper bags for hours
Mmmm - another furry creature
Now this is fun - Now I have a good hiding place !
I have been watching the BBC series on Yellowstone recently and a bit disappointed we don't get these animals in our back garden.
I stay glued to the set for ages.
George's Serial !!
Now there must be a way into this
A poor defenceless empty cereal box
Ah now I can see inside .I shall have to investigate further
Ah now is that a cornflake in that far corner
I'd better get it down to ground level so I can investigate it properly
So keep watching folks there will be more serial news -oops sorry about that paw pun!!
The ball goes far too fast for me
Now I am feeling a little bored so I'll have a look for a book to read
Now I need to get to the top shelf......
Climbing vertically like this is a bit like El Capitan in Yosemite I understand and not a rope in sight!
This is my new house on top of the airing cabinet -
I can oversee the whole kitchen from here
I am really enjoying this so thank you Iris!
Oh this is new - a surprise present from Iris - I shall have to explore a bit further
Well I've read the papers so I'll just relax here and watch TV for a while and perhaps another sherry!
I am not supposed to be up here but I cannot resist showing off to my master
He puts loads of stuff to stop me jumping up here but hey I can view the whole room from here and I am the cool cat for sure!
Are you going out again! Where is it this time!
Footy ?
Can you get me down from these steps please!
I am in charge!!!
Oh I do like paper bags!
Am I being filed away!
Oh dear it's a long way down!
I am just checking a new rug that Matt has given me for my own personal comfort.
Now that a certain baby has been named after me I am much more important!
The master has been following the World Cup and upsetting my routine so I demanded to have a picture taken beside it!
World Cup 2014
I'm having a problem getting into my Chistmas present
Well that's it.It's very cosy in here. A bit small for me though. It came from China . Maybe all the cats are small there!
George kept a close watch on this years great snookers final
My master had a friend round to meet me and he brought one of his Oscars and Bafta trophies to look at and I just had to check them out. They were for the special visual effects for Interstellar a film that starred no cats I am afraid. I am sure if Chris Nolan had known me he would have me saving the world!
While we had the Oscar here I thought I would also check out the World Cup again
The masters still bribing me with 'dreamese'! The picture on the right is in his new book - quick go and get a bank loan and buy it!
This is an Oscar- it is very very heavy!
and this is a Bafta I am checking out
Alas George passed away on Feb 13th 2017 and will be buried in the garden like Timmy and Blackie. A great loss ! He was 8 and a half and a wonderful companion.
Alas George passed away on Feb 13th 2017 and will be buried in the garden like Timmy and Blackie. A great loss ! He was 8 and a half and a wonderful companion.