The images below are the first images I have produced using the new Beta version of Terragen2. It has a new graphic interface and is very different to the old Terragen. It takes time to getting used to and crashes often when deleting an object so you have to remember to save often! It's a real pain to position a single object just where you want it and rendering times can be quite long if you set the quality too high for clouds. The images you see below took between 30 minutes and 28 hours! All images have had a small levels adjustment in Photoshop. Excess noise on some images was reduced by using the noiseware plug-in in Photoshop
The four images below have the same Terr - just a change in lighting and cloud
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The smoke in the right hand image was added in post production
Getting sun rays to burst through the clouds is not easy. Just like in real life photography you have to be patient. Sometimes moving the light source a fraction or adjusting the cloud density a tiny bit will give you the effect you're after.
Using several fake rock shaders can give you a landscape which is not ideal for those with the wrong footwear!
Had major problems rendering the pterodactyl into Terragen2 so ended up using Vue D'Esprit to render it
The image above right originally had a load of grass in it but after 90 hours rendering everything stopped so I cut the grass!
These two were the results of experiments with Strata and outcrops shaders
Four different versions of the same Ter but with different camera positions and one without the extra cloud and mist
Same terrain (ter added to power fractal) but different lighting and clouds
Change of sun elevation
The same scene for the above four images. Changes in light direction and cloud formations
The above 4 images have the same basic Ter . Changes in light direction and atmosphere and camera position.
The same landscape for these 2 images and a different light direction. Occasionally I get odd looking rays of light -above right.
Four examples of the same ter with variations in lighting and atmosphere.
The above four images are from the same basic combination of landscapes. Different camera and atmosphere for each