Time Lapse Sequences
The Nikon 990 digital still camera was used for the extracts from the time lapse sequences below. The camera was on a tripod and a DigiSnap2000 from www. harbortronics.com was used to control the Nikon 990. Resolution was set as 640 x 480 and images were saved as low quality jpegs. This is required to sustain the exposure rate of 10-12 per minute. Depending on the detail in the picture I can get about 1500 images on a 64 meg card. Images were later loaded into After Effects to get the avi file. The codec used was DivX. To play the sequences you may need to download it from www. Divx.com.
near Arches National Park 1.2 megs
Arches National Park 1.5 megs
Arches National Park 1.6 megs
Mammoth Springs 1.6 megs
Arches National Park 500kb
Arches National Park 640kb
Arches National Park 333kb
Arches National Park 1.2 megs
Canyonlands 600kb
Maroon Belles 2.26megs
Monument Valley 775kb
Monument Valley 1.2 megs
Great Sand Dunes NM 775kb
Near Redstone, Colorado 1.4megs