all images copyright richard tucker

You can obtain attractive results by using soft focus attachments at the time of shooting or adding blur to scanned images in post production.

Sometimes an error can prove to be a bonus. Here I used artificial light film by mistake and was rewarded by the bluish tone which was partially corrected in Photoshop

Colour contrast and careful placement of the various elements helps a great deal. Before deciding on your final composition look for visible natural relationships and check out different camera angles

Long focal length lenses that allow you to focus relatively near to the subject are very useful. Note that if using a mirror lens with that capability the out of focus doughnut shaped reflections are an extra bonus

This simple image of the backlit grasses taken with a mirror lens was part of an original landscape format picture. The final image was selected at the scanning stage

Often you have to get up early in the morning to catch the combination of low sun, mist and water droplets. You need to get low and close to your subject. Don't rush. Take your time. Enjoy the experience.

The out of focus reflections become valuable elements when using a wide aperture.
The effect will vary depending on the choice of aperture and focal length of lens.

At all times of the year whether you are in your back garden at home or 2,000 miles away in some exotic location nature will provide you with endless photographic material.
The simplest of subjects can make beautiful imagery.
A 105mm macro lens was used at a wide aperture for the shot on the left.