This is really work in progress. It will be quite a while before this video will be completed. Although sections of animations have already been done I am in the middle of redoing the opening sequence and from time I will have some stills from the animations.
This frame is near the start of the opening title sequence which lasts a minute or so. The camera is still for the first 8 seconds .Clouds are moving, The waterfall is doing its stuff and there are moving reflections in the water. This opening section is done in Vue D'esprit with extra particle animation added to the waterfall in post production in Lightwave.
An old frame from the original opening sequence.I am considering redoing this section in Vue . The test renderings are looking very interesting. and I'll post one shortly.
A composite effect done in After effects. Part of a space sequence.
The space traveller flies has to dodge the flying astroids. Done in Lightwave.
After going through the arch the camera moves just over the top of the water over the rushes and rock and just misses the top of the trees as it moves towards the next section.
After the waterfall the camera travels down the right hand side of the water area and through the arch you see in the distance.
The incredible improvement in technology over the past few years has put a hold on the video for the time being. I now have Vue11 and processing times have increased a great deal