Having watched City for more years than I care to remember I have below chosen two teams -first and reserve from the players I have seen. I know there are some notable exceptions and not many players from recent seasons. Probably the most difficult decision was choosing Trautmann before Swift with keepers like Corrigan, Coton and Weaver in reserve. These teams are chosen from Maine Road days.
First Team
Reserve Team
Trautmann in action - City v United 1960 - individual shots on city past page
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City 2010-2011
Gigapans of the Etihad
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Cup Final 2011
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Community Shield 2011
City 3 QPR 2 title winning game here -
City 2012-2013

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City new has pics and comments from the nineties.
The Miracle has comments and pics on the Gillingham play-off at Wembley
City Past has pics and comments from ..well the past of course !
City 1999-2000 has comments and pics from the promotion season
City 2000-2001 has comments and pics from the illfated Premier League season
City 2001-2002 has comments and pics from Keegans first season
World Cup Summer has comments and pics from World Cup Summer
City 2002-2003 has comments and pics from City's return to the Premiership
End of an Era covers the last game at Maine Road
City 2003 - 2004 pics and comments 2004-2004
City 2004 - 2005 pics and comments 2004-2005
City 2005 - 2006 pics and comments 2005-2006
City 2006 - 2007 Pics and comments 2006-2007
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City 2008 - 2009 Pics and comments 2008-2009
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Pics and comments 2009-2010 and World Cup video blog
City Open Day Pics from August 2009 open day
The City Experience covers a trip round the new Stadium and Museum

Soccer general covers my own football history!
City 2010-2011 Pics and comments 2010-2011 - includes August open day
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Pics and comments 2011-2012
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I have added some combination prints from the QPR league winning game to my Photobox collection. Prints from the three images below can be bought HERE
City 2013-2014
City 2013-2014
Have I Got Views For You
City 2014-2015
Community Shield 2014
City 3 Liverpool 1
City 0 Stoke 1
City 1 Chelsea 1
City 7 Sheff Wed 0
City 1 Roma 1
City 4 Spurs 1
City 0 Newcastle 2
City 1 United 0
City 1 CSKA Moscow 2
City 2 Swansea 1
City 3 Bayern Munich 2
City 1 Everton 0